PT049 - Disappears - Live At Echo Canyon

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PT049 - Disappears - Live At Echo Canyon


Release Date: October 21 , 2011

limited edition of 200


From the aboriginal ooze of self-released 7″ singles and PT06 Live Over the Rainbo, Chicago's Disappears have quickly risen to become one of our fair city's most acclaimed bands on the further strength of well-loved full-lengths Lux and Guider. If all of this over the course of less than three years isn't enough for you, behold our latest offering: Live at Echo Canyon, a five-song stunner replete with everything that is good and right about a gnarled, hard-hitting, ear-busting Disappears live show. Recorded at Echo Canyon in Hoboken and featuring the new lineup with Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, the band storms through four newly minted originals and caps it off with a gnarled cover of Suicide's Radiation.


Disappears' sound is a pared-down, drone-heavy mixture of Velvet Underground scuzz, garage-rock energy, and krautrock propulsion. It may not feel like the most unique approach, but, importantly, the band seems aware of that. Part of Disappears' appeal is that they've chosen to work within a set of stylistic and sonic limitations, where vocals and instrumentation are stripped back to their most essential. ~Pitchfork

"There's another divide at work in Disappears' music, a give-and-take between the band's fondness for wit and the more visceral elements of its sound. This is, fundamentally, bold and booming rock music: it hums and spikes and makes itself heard." ~Dusted

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