NDA003 - Reds And Blue "Son of The Stars"


NDA003 - Reds And Blue "Son of The Stars"

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A kaleidoscope of post-rock and psychedelic pop, the debut release
from Reds and Blue is willfully unpredictable from start to finish. With
an all-star lineup that includes the mesmerizing vocalist/keyboardist
Ellen Bunch (Coins / ZZZZ), bassist Pete Croke, and percussionist Areif Sless-Kitain, this cross-sampling of Chicago talent has produced an infectious and mercurial record. Side A opens hauntingly: scuttling polyrhythms, reggae-infused bass lines, unlikely chord changes, and Bunch’s sinuous, submerged vocals. As this theme develops on following tracks, the surprising choice of delay laced horns, melodica, and hand crafted studio production alters the
tone, suggesting Augustus Pablo dubbing out a Pit Er Pat tune. A more
sinister vibe begins to creep in on the flipside. Shadows of Sabbathian
proto-metal sweep across the sound, though the more psychedelic leanings
of the era still win out. With each spin of the record, another blissful nuance captures your attention. It’s an album that pleases early on, but really begins to imbed and impress with each passing listen.

* Each copy is uniquely hand stamped
* Includes digital download with two tracks not on the LP (Boomerang, Nothing)

“The band’s style weds melodies and structures far outside rock ‘n’ roll’s
blues-scale verse-chorus comfort zone to a strain of indie-leaning pop
played with visceral, even aggressive energy. ~ Chicago Reader

“The album is a perfect example of the consistently high-quality psychedelic
pop that is coming out of Chicago right now.” ~ The Deli

“Chicago’s Reds and Blue are a female-fronted band that’s down with the
psych-rock-prog. They play dissonant, druggy melodies that would make
Janis J. look down in approval. This is hazy, spooky music.” ~ Oh My

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Track Listing:
1. Son of the Stars
2. Frozen White
3. Philosophy
4. Wildfire
5. Stars Like A Shotgun
6. No More None Told
7. Island Breeze
8. Wide
9. Fandangled
10. Once Lightning