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Leaf Bird

Diamonds From The Cherry Mine

Release Date: September 20 , 2012

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"Diamonds" is Leaf Bird's first full-length release. It was compiled from a couple years worth of home-recorded gems. More of a mixtape than a traditional album, it features wide swings of influence and genre. Much of it was created using a lo-fi approach such as cassette players, reel to reels, and various room sounds. "Diamonds" features songs by both Tyler Beach and Larry Robertson, as well as several collective improvisations.


"It's psyche, folk, rock, and pop all mixed into a short, concise package." 
- Gonzo Chicago

.."a compilation of eclectic improvisations that exude the band's raw talent, making up a record that should be preserved as though it were a rare jewel; cased and then placed on repeat in a tape deck to cherish forever." 
- Windy City Rock

"...the group decided to change directions and experiment with grunge...disorienting reverb wraps your mind around an organized mess of sludge-filled guitars and chill angsty vocals. You should definitely keep an eye out for the group’s new release, Diamonds From The Cherry Mine, Vol. 1" 
- Pop'stache

    Track Listing

  1. Fifteen Lanterns
  2. Silverpets
  3. Sadaildade
  4. Last Reprieve
  5. readabook&smile
  6. Down by Law
  7. Chubby Rain
  8. You'd Never
  9. Topless
  10. True Lies
  11. Field of Broken Dreams
  12. Molly
  13. Raised by Volts

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