NDA007 - Summer Girlfriends "Shockwaves"


NDA007 - Summer Girlfriends "Shockwaves"

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Any Chicagoan will tell you the city truly only has two seasons; winter, and construction. So it’s perhaps fitting that the gals behind Summer Girlfriends would come together during the most unseasonably warm winter Chicago has seen in the past 80 years. Constructed on a mutual love of pizza, sequins, and catchy punk melodies, this all girl garage pop band caught the city’s attention right out the gate. Their now legendary first show featured ill advised
attempts at shotgunning cheap beer as well as a bloody trip to the ER and barely a few weeks later they were threatened with their first lawsuit. Folks started to take notice. Despite these seemingly tough girl antics, these girls aren’t your worn out “leader of the pack” types, instead they write catchy, nostalgic songs about “Lost Boys” and “PG-13 Sex Scenes,” talking animals, and “Pop Rocks.” They’re the kind of girl you spot across the lake at summer camp, and maybe you never quite have the guts to go meet...but then you tell all your friends at school about them the next year, and maybe even you pretend you had the guts to go meet them and sneak a kiss. Sure, maybe you never did, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend.

“This up-and-coming, pizza-obsessed group (seriously, check out the number of pizza mentions on its Facebook page!) laces its catchy garage-rock output with ‘60s girl-group melodies and a welcome dose of surf-rock guitar. Think Best Coast if frontwoman Bethany Cosentino ditched her pot stash and cat for a black leather jacket and ample reverb.” ~(Named #1 Band to Watch in 2012) Redeye Chicago

“If you can’t imagine dancing to its infectious beats and girl-group-throwback vibe, seek medical attention.” ~Refinery 29

“Chicago’s Summer Girlfriends craft a sound just how you’d imagine based on their name alone. The quintet jam some rad indie-pop slash rock, which could soundtrack your summer fling and/or end of said fling.” ~Loud Loop Press

“Let’s be fair: they look like they could fuck up a chupacabra if so needed”

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